Monday, 30 May 2016

Alfa One Builders Corporation: The Top Builder in Kannur

Alfa One Corporation Builders is the leading real estate development in Kannur, Kerala. With years of experience, our firm became one of the well-established and organized organizations in the industry. Our strong financial foothold in the real estate sector allows us to attain the most prestigious homes that one would dream of. We are eager to influence the industry with our profound experience and invincible commitment to fulfill each of our client's needs. We have received several recognitions in the industry because we always produce work of a high standard.

We offer distinctive services in the construction industry, where we feature constructions at prime locations with exceptional connectivity, premier constructions, scheduled completion, and the latest facilities. Through the years, we have emerged as one of the renowned organizations for our passion on building relationships that grows incredibly valuable, exploring new territories on the real estate industry, and making life more meaningful. Our aim is to always meet the needs of our clients by continuously understanding their expectations.

Our firm is the fully owned subsidiary of Alfaone Corporation, which is headquartered at Dubai and enjoys a multinational presence. Alfaone's diverse portfolio includes residential, commercial, urban development, transportation, infrastructure, industrial projects and government services. Our parent company's multinational presence has allowed us to attract and remain among the best local and regional talent to accomplish most complicated projects, and to change and shape the future of our country. Alfaone combines the benefits of a global outlook with local market knowledge.

Our prestigious projects deliver better living environment for the people to facilitate life and living. Decades of excellence, passion for perfection and our indomitable dedication to provide the best has made our name synonymous with foremost quality and trust. Our greatest endeavors include creating a new face for Kerala and a new phase in the construction sector.

Alfaone is dedicated to offer homes that are specially designed to transform the dreams of several people into reality. Our triumph consists of three aspects including our commitment to fulfill the interests of the clients, engaging with them as partners, and achieving the goals with integrity and remarkable service.

Alfaone also strives in developing brilliant designs that set them apart especially in terms of quality. We always consider the needs of our clients while creating our projects.

Our firm is moving ahead at a great pace with a vision to be a catalyst to build strong and lasting relationships. Our core principle is to contemplate as to how design can make lives more spectacular.

Our interior design allows us to design your dream that's as extraordinary as you imagined. We can add sophistication to your living space with a touch of expertise.

We could guarantee you that you'll have no worries owning an Alfaone home. Alfaone homes are eligible for home loans from trusted financial institutions in the country. They will assist you in getting an Alfaone property in a much easier way.

Our firm prides itself in having accommodating professionals who always have a smile on their faces, which we consider our biggest asset. Just give us a call at 8111977788 or 04952761010 and we will always be there for you.

We have already gained the trust of millions clients all over the world. We engage our clients in all stages of construction, by which we are continuing to get worldwide customers.

Alfaone Builders encompasses exemplary characteristics that make us one-of-a-kind, including integrity, professionalism, responsibility, quality, and unity. Our working process consists of three steps including planning and design, construction, and delivers projects with quality. We strive with all our strength to leave a lasting imprint in the real estate industry.

Our firm was registered on January 17, 2008 and was incorporated in May 2013. Alfaone Builders currently have two directors who are Luthufuddeen Puthiyakutty Mappelagath and Biju Ummer, and falls under the jurisdiction of the Registrar of Companies, ROC-Ernakulam. Its authorized share capital is Rs. 7,500,000 and its paid up capital is Rs. 6,450,000.

Some of our completed projects include Aquamarine and Lamina. Aquamarine is situated in Kannur and it is a fourteen story skyscraper overlooking the golden sands of the Payyambalam Beach. It includes sauna, Jacuzzi, and gym for the health conscious; swimming pool, outdoor and indoor party areas for the fun loving; and ample parking area, round the clock security, backup generators and garbage chutes for convenience and enhanced comfort. On the other hand, Lamina includes independent villas with ualtra-modern facilities set in salubrious surroundings, and it is also located in Kannur.

Witness our clients' satisfaction on our services by visiting our website. They have proven that we possess an unshakable dedication to home development and we are an open organization to work with. And that we provide them a fabulous life with a smile on their faces.

We ensure that our projects are professionally managed and that our clients will have an amazing life with their family. We will continue being one of the best service providers in real estate.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How To Buy A Home In A Cash Buyer Market

Saving up enough money for a down payment on a home can feel like a moving target that is subject to the whims of your real estate market. For buyers in markets where cash plays a critical role, calculating how much to save for a home becomes even more difficult. In some markets, a traditional 20 percent down payment may still land you at the bottom of a long list, behind all-cash buyers. On the other hand, in markets where cash offers are absent, a hefty down payment may make you the seller’s first choice. Understanding the role of cash in your local market can help you decide how much to save for a down payment on your next home.

To get started, let’s check out which markets have the most and least cash buyers, and how to be a competitive shopper in either environment.

Buyers in the Midwest and Southeast, especially Florida, are most likely to compete against all-cash buyers. An analysis of the 51 largest metros in the United States revealed that the top 28 cash buyer markets are all located east of the Mississippi River. Out of the top 10 metros with the largest percentage of cash buyers in Q2 of 2015, eight are located in Florida. The other two top cash buyer metros are located in the Midwest: Cleveland and Detroit.

In the number one market for cash buyers, Miami, an astounding 55 percent of home purchases were made in cash during Q2 of 2015. This figure is actually smaller than previous years, potentially indicating a slowdown in the overall number of cash deals in Miami despite how high the percentage remains.

Dropping to number five on the list, Cleveland, 45 percent of homes were all-cash sales—a full 10 percent less than Miami but still a significant share of the total home sales. In Orlando, the tenth top cash buyer market, the percentage of cash buyers drops by only 1 percent. Homebuyers in most major Florida metros and some Midwest markets can expect that 44 percent or more of the home sales will go to cash buyers.

Least Cash Buyer Markets

Buyers hoping to avoid competing against cash offers should head west. While cash dominates real estate in large swaths of the Southeast and Midwest, it is largely absent west of the Mississippi. Nine of the 10 metros with the smallest percentage of cash home sales are located in the West. Only one East Coast market appears on the list: Worcester, MA, where 21 percent of home sales were cash deals.

Three California markets that also appear on the list—San Diego, Ventura and San Francisco– boast 21 percent cash home sales. Colorado Springs only had 14 percent cash deals.

How To Be Competitive

Fortunately, there are steps that shoppers can take to remain competitive regardless of their markets. If you’re in a cash buyer-dominated market, try these tips:

1. Work out your financing details before you start house hunting. Sellers often prefer cash offers because they are not contingent upon the seller’s financing coming through. Buyers who get pre-approved for a mortgage signal stability and a lower likelihood of their offer falling through—two important considerations for a seller.

2. Sell your current home before looking for a new one. It’s usually easier to secure new financing without an existing mortgage and you can avoid a contingency clause about selling your existing home that may make sellers hesitant to accept your offer.

3. Indicate your willingness to make other concessions. While it’s generally advised that you never skip a home inspection, being willing to waive an inspection, work with the seller’s preferred escrow company, let the seller pick the closing date and other small concessions may tip the scales in your favor.

4. Write a personal note to the seller and tell them why their home would be the best fit for you. Many cash buyers are investors, so telling the seller how their home would have an impact on your life can help sway their decision.

5. Don’t weaken your offer by including any unnecessary terms, conditions or contingencies. While buyers in markets with an abundance of inventory might have the flexibility to include contingencies about repairs or updates the homeowner must make, sellers with multiple offers are likely to reject such terms.

Buyers who are in markets without many cash buyers typically don’t have to try as hard to stand out among the competition.

However, you can still boost your offer by:

1. Save up a substantial down payment (20+ percent) and get pre-approved. The extra cash and pre-approved status will indicate that you are serious about your home purchase and well-qualified.

2. Stay on top of new listings and submit bids as soon as you’ve checked out the property. Sellers typically review offers in the order that they come in. Beat out other buyers by simply having all your ducks in a row and submitting an offer immediately on homes that interest you.

3. Make your offer straightforward and simple. If there are improvements you’d like made on the home, consider submitting a lower offer instead of adding a clause about repairs the homeowner needs to make. The less work involved on the seller’s end, the more likely they are to unload the home to you.

There are many steps buyers can proactively take to improve their chances of landing their dream home. So, take the time to understand who else may be shopping in your market to help you create a more competitive offer.